Brevard Local 1010

 International Union of Painters & Allied Trades

Very Important News

Revocation of Certification OF UNIONS=NO CONTRACT!

The Local Union 1010 contract is in extreme danger! DECERTIFICATION OF UNIONS=NO CONTRACT! The Florida Legislative has passed extremely dangerous new laws. At present time the laws are directed at the Teacher Unions. But, our turn is coming, we will be next in line for the decertification legislation. Our contract would become null and void. Can you imagine working without any contract? Everything in the contract would be lost. After forty years of negotiations, so much protection is provided to the Support Staff employees. Not to mention the Board’s contribution to your health insurance, paid annual leave days, paid vacation time. If you want to continue to receive emails from the Union concerning your contract and Union information, please email your personal address back to us. Just reply to the email sent with your information package with your questions.

Debra Greco & Delores Varney

FL HB25 (18R)

Under the bill, FL HB25 (18R), public-sector unions that see their total dues-paying membership fall below half of those eligible would be forced to petition the Public Employee Relations Commission for recertification.